Why do we need SF6 gas recovery?

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Why do we need SF6 gas recovery?

Application of Sf6 Gas

SF6 gas plays a role in the smelting and casting process of non-ferrous metals, and can also be used for degassing and purification of aluminum and its alloy melts. The current interrupter using sulfur hexafluoride has high rated voltage and is not easy to burn. Sulfur hexafluoride can be used as an insulating medium for coaxial cables, various accelerators, ultra-high voltage batteries, and microwave transmission. Sulfur hexafluoride can be used as a tracer for air pollution measurement, and the tracer distance can reach 100km. Due to its good chemical stability and no corrosion of equipment, it can be used as a refrigerant in the refrigeration industry. When used as a refrigerant, it can replace Freon and has no damaging effect on the ozone layer. It is also mainly used for arc extinguishing of high-voltage switches, and is used as an insulating material in large-capacity transformers and high-voltage cables. Also used in particle accelerators and arresters. Can be used as a gas insulator for electronic equipment and radar waveguides. As a new generation of ultra-high voltage insulating dielectric materials. As a good gas insulator, SF6 can be used for gas insulation of electrical and electronic equipment. Electronic grade high purity sulfur hexafluoride is a good electronic etchant for use in microelectronics. It can be used as plasma etching and cleaning agent in the manufacture of large-scale integrated circuits such as computer chips and liquid crystal screens.

Pure SF6 gas is odorless, colorless and basically non-toxic, but under the action of high-power arc, spark discharge, corona discharge or insufficient purity, mixed with toxic impurities, SF6 gas will decompose and release a variety of toxic substances. In this case, it will not only pollute the environment, but also adversely affect the normal operation of electrical equipment and the health of employees. Therefore, we need to recover SF6 gas correctly and safely.

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