The Importance of Drilling Simulators

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The Importance of Drilling Simulators

The Importance of Drilling Simulators
Oil drilling engineering is to use oil drilling equipment to drill through multiple sets of formations from the ground along the designed track to reach the predetermined target layer (oil and gas layer or possible oil and gas layer), forming a stable channel (ie, oil and gas well) for oil and gas production or injection of required fluids. During and after drilling, complete logging, logging and testing, and obtain all the information needed for exploration, development and drilling. In order to complete the drilling task of a well safely and quickly, the drilling design must be carefully done before construction.

The current dominant direction of the development of oil drilling technology is to realize the informatization, automation and intelligence of drilling, and efforts should be made to realize the safety, high quality, high efficiency, environmental protection and low cost of drilling engineering.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the training part of oil drilling engineering is also very important. Online simulator training can solve many constraints faced by traditional offline training. Traditional offline training techniques are limited by time and space, and have great problems in manpower, organization, and implementation.

The drilling simulator adopts the concept of virtual technology, based on computer simulation technology, computer network technology, computer graphics technology, combined with the actual work of oil drilling engineering, changing the original drilling training method.

The drilling simulators produced by Esimtech can provide users with operation process simulations such as tripping, drilling, well control, drilling accidents, and handling of complex situations. It is mainly used for operation training and safety training of drilling technicians, as well as training and assessment of trainees. The training system solves the technical problems that cannot be objectively solved in the traditional training process by providing a teacher scoring system.

Esimtech has jointly developed petroleum engineering training simulators with universities for many years, and has a professional RD team and rich RD experience. The current product line has covered all fields of the petroleum industry, and can also be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. Esimtech would like you to contact us anytime you need it.