Transformer Oil Should be Filtered and also Purified

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Transformer Oil Should be Filtered and also Purified

Transformer oil is a moving liquid that can fill the air spaces between the parts in the oil tank to eliminate air, thus preventing the reduction of the dielectric strength caused by the damping of the elements. The insulation strength of the transformer itself is above that of air, so after the oil tank is full of oil, the insulation strength of the transformer can be boosted. The transformer oil can also contribute in anti-corrosion of the metal, so that the insulation of the transformer can be kept in good condition. In addition, the transformer oil can likewise soak up the warm generated by the winding and the iron core throughout procedure, as well as play a role in cooling.

Under the activity of heat as well as electric area, the transformer oil is slowly oxidized to form numerous oxides, alcohols, aldehydes, acids, etc touching oxygen, as well as lastly insoluble colloids and also sludge are developed. These acidic substances reduce the insulating residential properties of the transformer, so the transformer oil have to be filtered. Because the pollutants will affect the insulating properties of the insulating oil.

The transformer oil should be inspected. If the evaluation result is unqualified, the transformer oil filtration or filtration process can be carried out to recover the chemical and also physical residential properties of the transformer oil. The major function of transformer oil is to insulate and also cool, as well as to eliminate the arc produced when the circuit is removed.

Transformer oil filtration can be about separated right into 3 actions: heating, removing sludge, and degassing as well as dehydrating. The purification of transformer oil plays a very vital duty in preserving the regular operation and service life of the transformer.

Lubricating oil has the functions of lubricating, cooling, washing, sealing, rust prevention and eliminating impact load. If there is water, gas as well as contaminations in the lubricating oil, it will lower the quality of the lubricating oil, cause the devices to corrosion, as well as also cause the development of sludge. YUNENG can give lubricating oil purifiers, hydraulic oil purifiers, turbine oil purifiers to filter oil. By utilizing the oil purifier, the pollution problem of oil products can be resolved, and also the oil items can be cleansed once again to achieve top quality and typical quality.

If the assessment result is unqualified, the transformer oil filtration or purification process can be lugged out to recover the chemical and also physical properties of the transformer oil. YUNENG can offer lubricating oil purifier, hydraulic oil purifier, turbine oil purifier to filter oil.